25 November 2010

Just Bodies -- the album

My first album to be released in a few months..

cover designed by Alden Volney

still brainstorming the tracklisting but seems it will be something like :

01 - La Fraise
02 - Prison de Femmes
03 - No Winter
04 - Zero
05 - Le Coin Des Ouvriers
06 - Just Bodies
07 - Bernard is a Cyborg
08 - Scuro
09 - Amsterdam
10 - L'Avenir Nous Le Dira Avec Le Temps
11 - Brouillard
12 - Tape 'O Tape
13 - The Plague

and a 14th track...

fyi I just cleaned my soundcloud directory and uploaded 3 new tracks :

Tape 'O Tape by Paul Durango

The Plague by Paul Durango

Prison de Femmes by Paul Durango

Anyway, right now I'm thinking about buying an APC40 and hit the road..

More soon.

Cheers !



Beatsandblood said...

Definitely buy an Akai APC40. Best little piece of equipment I have ever bought. Absolutely perfect for live performance mayhem.

Beatsandblood said...

PS- Thanks for the many mind melting and awesome albums on your various blogs. A true goldmine of sound.

Paul Durango said...

thanks Matthew

and yep I bought the APC40 ; it looks nice.. gotta lear Ableton Live now ;)

Merry X-mas !


***Dj Paris Exotic Store*** said...

Bravo Mister Durango,

Et la pochette est magnifique!!!

Il sera trouvable ou , ou bien comment? (Matériel immatériel?)

Bonne continuation et longue vie à ton disque!


Paul Durango said...


La pochette est anéfé chanmé ; elle est le fait d'Alden Volney


L'album sera trouvable en physique et en digital .. dans qq mois.


eda-88 said...

Hi Paul,

You know so many Library music,

Please could you maybe identify this piece?


It's amazing!

But unfortunately none of Morricone, Lai, Cipriani, Delerue.....


delicado said...

Beautiful cover art. Your stuff is pretty cool!

Herbal T said...


If you have moved would you please pass me a link. Hope all is well.

Herbal T

Paul Durango said...

hi there,

stuff is still idle regarding the album (it's not mastered yet..) but it's still supposed to be released some day..

i'll update my soundcloud with new stuff



triceratard said...

tape o' tape - isn't that the name of a band? is this inspired by that band?

Paul Durango said...

nope I don't think I named this track because of this.. I don't know this band but I can't remember why I named it Tape O' Tape either ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi i like it your blog. keep it up..........

Robin Tomens said...

That's good work. Great blog. I've got lots of pleasure from it, thanks. Below is the link to a Horror soundtrack mix called 'Blood Stereo' which I made recently. You might enjoy it. There's a SoundCloud version on my blog too. Once again, thanks for all the music.


IR e L a IXI said...

ok, paul its been a year and a half since my last visit..i just had to ask because of your expertise in library music.. im having a problem figuring out who is this artist played behind this commercial