01 August 2008

Franco Scopia Vol. 6 - MORE French Tracks

Well what can I say ?
I did it again.

This one is REALLY great ; it has some vintage Jean-Claude Borelly, C. Jérôme, Patrick Juvet, Space, some annoying stuff from the 80s, a 60s orchestral tune about french cheerleaders and more !

Check it out!

20 tracks / 91 Mb

AND WHAT'S WRONG with Vol. 4 and Vol. 5 ?!

Downloads are about 30% of Vol.1, Vol. 2 or Vol. 3 !!

anyway I hope you'll like this barnum!


Anonymous said...

Aucun liens ne fonctionne chez moi ???

rickdog said...

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Anonymous said...

hello from Poland,
I've just discovered your blog. wonderful stuff you got here! French music from the 60s sounds like nothing else in this world. may i have a request - soundtrack from Alan Resnais' "On Connait La Chanson"? it's my all-time favourite movie.
cheers, Darek

corporate: said...

brilliant selection of music you got here! thanks for sharing!

Jean-François Trépanier said...

Je viens de découvrir les volumes 4 à 6 de Franco Scopia après m'être régalé des 3 premiers... quelle sélection magique... c'est presque trop savoureux... une expression anglaise dit Too much is not enough... on en veut encore... je ne serai pas saturé avant le volume 100... Merci beaucoup

Michel Bertier said...

Je viens de terminer l'écoute des 6 compilations : merci (infiniment) !

Anonymous said...

Paul I really appreciate that you take the time to share such great music.

Thank you


Amandine said...

Le problème des vol 4 & 5 est tout simplement que le lien, le fichier ou je ne sais trop quoi est "invalide" sur mediafire ... ! :)

Paul Durango said...


mediafire avait juste un coup dans le nez depuis 2 jours!

ça a l'air d'être revenu..

Amandine said...

Ah bon ? Pourtant c'est aujourd'hui que j'ai essayé, et effectivement ça marchait pas pour les 4 & 5 ...
ceci étant dit, bravo, bravo, c'est vraiment d'enfer ce que vous faites m'sieur ... !

Anonymous said...

this blog is wonderful.. I think the only reason peeps are not downloading the other volumes as much? you HYPED vol. 4 and 6 as being 'wacky'..so people went for those, first (likely)

and, truthfully? the way the songs are tagged. it might just be iTunes, but..I have had to manually write in the track numbers and sort them by name = loads of work, esp. considering how many volumes you have posted!

that all said and moaned over... you really DO have some ace, ace music here.


MIke P.


Paul Durango said...

Hi Mike,

thx for the kind words ; indeed I like the files clean.. since i have around 4000 songs that kind I rip'd ;-)