19 August 2009

Taxi - The Complete Fourth Season : TO BE UNLEASHED IN A MONTH !

I will sooooo use my megapowerful euros to buy this.

can't wait.

AND anyone who has the soundtrack of this show can / SHould / MUST post some links somewhere !

I can't find it and it makes me sick.

Good bye-bye.


Anonymous said...

thank you, your love is a life saver

Anonymous said...


Great album. and it is readily available for only 8 beans!

Anonymous said...

De l'Australie, Bonjour Paul,

J'ai trouve les 3 titres mentionnes:
3) BOB AZZAM - FLEUR DU DIABLE (cover version de "POISON IVY" originale par "The Coasters").

Trop difficile d'avoir des tubes francais de notre cote du globe. Je recherche les "oldies" du chanteur "ALEC" - qui plus tard ce sera un GRAND du Disco "Alec R. Costandinos" - les titres sont: "Non, ca n'a pas ete Venise" - "Loin" - "Bourg St Esprit" - "Viens m'aider a passer la nuit" etc.. Voila le link/info: http://www.encyclopedisque.fr/artiste/7748.html

Et pour te remercier a l'avance voila le LINK pour l'album "TAXI" par Bob James:




Anonymous said...

Voici le PASSWORD: youdont


Paul Durango said...


Anonymous : thanks a bunch for the tip.. i'll buy it! ahah 8 beans is fine

phantom of the radio said...

Paul et les autres. // I am desperatly looking for JANKO NILOVIC's album: "Water Show" by Andy Loore / [Montparnasse 2000]. If anybody could provide me a rapidshare link for this, it will made my day. THANKS.


oh putain , c'est pas un blog de tapette ça ( rien d'homophe hein , juste une expression ). bref , ya que du bon à sampler ici , t'es sur paris ?

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


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