03 August 2007

Vintage Video Games Soundtracks



pw : poluxrules

Just made a new zip file including :

DuckTales OST (1990)

F-Zero OST (1992)

Quackshot OST (1991)

Sonic The Hedgehog OST (1991)

Tetris OST (1989)




XMP said...

thanks, buddy!

AMP said...

Beauty, mate!

Anonymous said...

putin ! duck tales ! j'en ai les larmes aux yeux

MegaDriver said...

dude i was just looking for tetris but ducktales is a great and hard-to-find ost! sweet deal.

Kiara said...

These are great! You got a list of old video games soundtracks. I have known several Download Games through a friend, they have lots of games in there, and I believe you'll like most of the soundtrack of every game there too.