24 September 2008

Les Fleurs De Pavot - Super Girl (1968) / prod. by Estardy

French rock.. Indie pop..
The band is a virtual band created by a guy called Jean-Pierre Rawson
who had the idea to promote a hippy band in France.
He turned a yeye band called "Les Bourgeois de Calais" into "Les
Fleurs de Pavots" and add them a writer team among them you'll find
Jean-Claude Vannier, the famous arranger of Serge Gainsbourg's Melody
Nelson. The album will be recorded in less than a night by Bernard Estardy.
Check out the tracks À Dégager and Pourquoi L'amour À Deux !
Les Fleurs De Pavot - 01 - Super Girl
Les Fleurs De Pavot - 02 - La Caresse Du Fleuve
Les Fleurs De Pavot - 03 - Psycha Bourrée
Les Fleurs De Pavot - 04 - Le Marchand D'amitié
Les Fleurs De Pavot - 11 - La Puissance Des Ténèbres
Les Fleurs De Pavot - 12 - Le Râteau De La Méduse
Les Fleurs De Pavot - 13 - Dans Ma Garconnière
13 tracks / 37'20 / 74Mb / 256 kbps


litlgrey said...

Linkee no loadee. Leads to Mediafire error message.

Anonymous said...

me too do not getee a filee
Thanks anyway :-)

Paul Durango said...

mediafire is down right now.. i'll try to re-up tomorrow.

litlgrey said...

It seems fixed now, actually!


Paul Durango said...

Yep mediafire has lots of outages right now.. I'll use rapidshare until fixed......

esmenard.victor said...

J'ai pas eu de problèmes pour downloader, et c'est un vraiment un bon disque, merci.

L said...

Where DO you find this stuff? Thanks for rescuing more tunes from obscurity and sharing with us - the grateful masses.

Louis D. Lys said...

AH merci beaucoup !

J'adore ce groupe.

Merci pour tes blogs au passage.

L'Homme Scalp said...

Je connaissais de la compilation 'ils sont fous ces gaulois' - merci mille fois pour l'album ! WOW