26 September 2008

VA - Akasaka Rare Groove Vol. 1

TERRIFIC rare japanese 70s grooves compilation!
01 - Jimmy Takeuchi - Green Onion
02 - Tokyo Cuban Boys - Walking The Balcony
03 - The Wonders - Land Of 1000 Dances
04 - The Vandogs - La La La (Land Of 1000 Dances)
05 - The Sunders - Daytripper
12 - Afro Caballeros - Soul Bossa Nova
13 - The Brothers James - I Dig A Rock'n Roll Music
14 - Syougi Yokoyama & Bossa Nova 7 - Sunny
15 - Houzanyamamoto - Twenty Ten
16 - Akira Ishikawa - Yume Ga Hoshii
Someone to up vol. 2 (and more..) ?! Thx !
Anyway, 46 Mb


Anonymous said...

It's just Vol.1 Only.

Anonymous said...

Amazing CD, it remembers me the Inflight's serie compiled by Karminsky. If you want, I would like the Volume 2 of this Akasaka serie.

IR e L a IXI said...

thanks paul!

TCF said...

Sounds good from yourt description and the titles, I'm up for volume 43543!!!!

feint operation said...

Cheers Paul, really nice to see this blog and be in the know !!!!
Are you looking for anything in particular ??
Good to see you here,
Feint Operation (New Zealand) : )

howie said...

There is a second CD in the series
Google against the Amazon Id and you will see.
'ASIN: B000E42OEW'

If you want your own copy of the vol.1 do the same in Google.
'ASIN: B000228UE4'

howie said...

Second CD's details



Tinitus said...

Oh man!! A MA ZING!!! the versions in this album are crazy: lalala, shes a rainbow, pata pata.. my god, those japanesse fellas had a mad-hip!! my english is soo poor in this ocation, I'm really glad n happy w this music, tahnks a lot.
cheers from Uruguay...


Tinitus said...

DDAAAMMN!!! the version of Soul Bossa Nova!! I'm shiting my pants right now!!

Anonymous said...

any more links to music like this, I'm not asking for a re-up just links to any other downloads like this or other funky music from japan from this blog or anywhere else, thank you for this very much

tayfunmayfun said...

06 - The Clark - She A Rainbow
07 - Houzan Yamamoto - Little Green Apple
08 - Soul Messengers - The Dock Of The Bay
09 - Jimmy Takeuchi - Soulful Strut
10 - Soul Messengers - Tighten Up
11 - The Sunders - Pata Pata