15 June 2009

Oy! Buy/extend some Rapidshare bandwidth with me!

1 month = 7 euros.. => TO download 5 Gb/day, upload 500 Gb

Use THIS LINK to buy SOME and I'll get a lil something..........

Thanks in advance !!


Anonymous said...


I have had a paid account with Rapidshare for pretty much a year now.

The only thing I cannot figure out and really annoys me about it. . .It infers that you get much faster speeds with an account. .NOT FOR DOWNLOADING! for uploading yes, but the downloads still crawl.

Its nice to be able to have several downloads going at one time though.

your thoughts?

Paul Durango said...

hi there!

well it's weird indeed / here's my status on 2 different PC i use RS very much with :

@ home :
DL @ 1200Kb/s
UP @ 110Kb/s

@ work
DL @ 250Kb/s
UP @ 200Kb/s

so i don't know really.. i guess it's all about vista vs. xp and firewall X vs. firewall Y etc..

the only thing i'm sure of is that having a 'premium' (<> paid for) account is the best thing : 'unlimited' downloads (well.. it's 5 Gb/day actually.. but who needs that.. that's like 3 movies + 20 LPs a day..), improved DL and UP speeds, uploaded files aren't deleted etc..

and yeah after using RS for 3 years now (great customer care btw..) i still don't figure out the (VERY!) different DL/UP ratios.......


Anonymous said...

Its nice to be able to have several downloads going at one time though.
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L said...

Hey, I tried your link to re-subscribe to RS, but it did not work. I'll try again next time I re-subscribe.