06 July 2009

VA - Paul Durango presents The Rats

Following the beats, here are the rats.

01 - The White Stripes - I Think I Smell A Rat
02 - Johnny Pearson - The Rat Catchers
03 - The Kinks - Rats
04 - Alan Hawkshaw - Rat Race
05 - John Barry - Bond Smells A Rat
06 - John Ottman - The Killing Of A Rat
07 - Jean Martin Et Ses Animaux Rock - Le Rat Le Bol
08 - Nick Ingman - The Rat Race
09 - Fonda Rae - Over Like A Fat Rat (Extended)
10 - Boom Bip - Rat Tail
11 - Jerry Goldsmith - No Rats
12 - Pit et Rik - Le Rat Débile Et Le Rat Méchant
13 - Vangelis - Rats
14 - Syd Barrett - Rats

14 tracks / 41min / 64Mb

Giddy up

Artwork by friend Alden Volney


LOBO said...

Beaucoup aimé le Ennio Morricone et le Giorgio Moroder. Merci Paul.

Vinyl Room said...

Hi Paul,

I noticed that the Q albums had been re upped, but there appears to be some tracks missing from Q1 side B


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul!

It occured to me you could ad THE GOOD RATS (and their excellent From Rats To Ritches" album,




Peppi Marchello and the new Good Rats just did a series of commercials for Kars4Kids. You have to see this--it's classic Peppi! www.kars4kids.org/contest

Julie said...

It occured to me you could ad THE GOOD RATS
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Rafa Toro said...

I miss Leona Anderson´s "Rats in my room" and Danny Elfman´s track "Rats" from the "wanted" soundtrack.


Antoine said...

Thank you for everythings Monsieur Durango...

Do you know the song "The Rat" from the Walmen ?

Au revoir

From Reunion Island

Paul Durango said...

hehe nope I don't know "The Rat" from the Walmen .. I'll check it out!


Cartonish said...

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