05 October 2009

october 2009 mixtape

Here we go again..

Some french odds, electro, soundtracks, disco.. the usual.

01 - Robert Cogoi - Une Bière Pour Mon Cheval
02 - Harry Thumann - Bitch
03 - Lalo Schifrin - Tiger Tank
04 - Alden Volney - Videocracy
05 - Chokebore - Distress Signals
06 - Gérard Manset - La Femme Fusée
07 - Quackshot Soundtrack - Transylvania
08 - Tony Combo - Dansé, Dansé
09 - Alan Hawkshaw - Mystique Voyage
10 - Pierre Bachelet - Coup De Tête (Générique De Fin)
11 - Paul Durango - Arius Not Dead
12 - Sonic Soundtrack - Star Light Zone
13 - Claude Perraudin - Circuits
14 - Data - Opera Electronica
15 - Manu Dibango - Soukouss
16 - Annie Philippe - J'ai Raté Mon Bac
17 - Vitalic - Flashmob
18 - François De Roubaix - La Fête Des Dieux Avions
19 - Erotic Drum Band - Plug Me To Death
20 - Rémy Bricka - Ah ! Quelle Famille
21 - Chantal - Bizet Come Back
22 - Easy Going - Do It Again

2 parts : part 1 - part 2



mikaschtroumpf said...

Quelqu'un qui met l'OST de Sonic et Flashmob dans sa mixtape ne peut être quelqu'un de mauvais.
Nice picks !

upkerry14 said...

Thank you very much. These are really enjoyable. I like it when someone else picks the tunes. Like having your own private DJ. Can't beat it!

s o l e p o w e r said...

i have been having a listen from your apocolyptic collection up on mediafire.com

THANK YOU SO MUCH... it is comprehensive and fantastic

RF said...


I have crossed paths with your blog before and really appreciate the music/content associated with it. I have recently compiled and mixed a new instrumental mixtape with the multi-talented DJ Matt Cali. We represent NY and CA and want to share our music with the blogosphere, which is why I am contacting you. Please post on your blog if you're so inclined and feel free to include the following link for your readers to download. It would be great. Let me know. Keep the music alive!

All the best,

"This Dj concerto, in four parts, takes you on a journey into sound denoting the best part of hip hop, the soul of the music. "The Little Green Tape" is perfect to vibe out to. Repeat is a must."

- L*Roneous


Dim said...

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