12 April 2010

thinking about a NAS..

that's right people...

i'm thinking Synology 410j + four 1.5Tb hdds in RAID5 .. connected 24/7 to the internet..
in order to back-up all the music (around 1To), pics/vidz/stuff I art (1To) and movies and misc (1To).. and share the whole SHEBANG with a few people..

It's pretty cheap for a Syno (400$ without hdds..)

Does someone use it ?
Is cool ?


upkerry14 said...

I guess I don't understand but how would this enable you to share the whole shebang?

Paul Durango said...

Well, it's connected to the internet and acts as a FTP server..

So I could grant access (in read only mode..) to friends for them to download anything they want..

that's what I meant by 'sharing the whole shebang' :-)

upkerry14 said...

So you'd need an FTP address/PW etc..... I do FTP via Firefox. I'm game to see if it works. I tried somethign like this and found it immenseley complicated.... I'm curious to see if you can do it.

MIke Brandon said...

hI just made a film, and these jammies are useful. your site rocks, by the way!

peace from NYC

designwallah said...

I bought a DS409 in April - I can't believe it got upgraded to a DS410 already.
I stuffed four 2GB hard drives in it - two for a RAID for my Apple iTunes media and two for a RAID for my Apple Aperture library. I have had nothing but trouble with the iTunes media volume - it takes extremely, extremely, extremely long to add the music on the DS409 volume to my iTunes library - it seems completely unusable. The Apple Aperture volume seems to be behaving itself.

You may not have any trouble if you're using it as a drive to share the shebang with the outside world.

Thanks for the Quartetto Cetra.

Paul Durango said...

well it's quite misleading because the 410 is actually a cheap 409..

i bought it 2 months ago and so far so good..
bought 4 x 1.5Tb, RAID 5

transfer rate is pretty slow (10-12Mb/s) but i don't really care about that..

I tried the whole sharing thingy and i'm a real noob with ports configuration and all the technical stuff behind getting this up and running.. I simply use it as a s.a.f.e. and b.i.g. external hdd

It's expensive but worth it I guess.

Anonymous said...

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