27 March 2008

Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan - Song of the Second Moon (1968)

Experimental & Sonic Vibrations. Recommended. ****/*****

01 Song of the Second Moon
02 Moon Maid
03 The Ray Makers
04 The Visitor form Inner Space
05 Sonik Re-Entry
06 Orbit Aurora
07 Twilight Ozone
08 Pianoforte

More synths at 36-15-moog.blogspot.com

62 Mo @ 256 kbps


Zsolt said...

The "Song of The Second Moon" song is actually a pretty well known music here in Hungary. Well, the 1st 70 seconds anyway. It was and still is the the themesong of a long running science magazine called Delta.


FlyingCaptain said...

Thank you!