27 February 2009

VA - She Had A Taste For Music

Provided by Irene. Absolute great work, thanks !

A1 - Massimo Moriconi & Roberto Fogu - Small Fawn Clawn
A2 - Nico Fidenco - Red Sound
A3 - Franco De Gemini - Cheops And Nefertiti
A4 - Gianfranco Plenizio - Grigio Peria
A5 - Armando Trovajoli - L'Ospite
A6 - Franco De Gemini - What Is This Love? (Instrumental)
A7 - Nico Fidenco - La Via Della Prostituzione M9

B1 - Gianfranco Plenizio - Voce D'Amore
B2 - Teo Usuelli - Piacere Sequence
B3 - Armando Trovajoli - Signora Sono Le Otto
B4 - Nico Fidenco - Make Love On The Wing (Instrumental)
B5 - Gianfranco Plenizio - Musica Per Anna
B6 - Franco De Gemini - Cairo Night
B7 - Armando Trovajoli - Kinky Peanuts
B8 - Nico Fidenco - Dutch Poppy

Italians composers had it.


alan smithee said...

ooooh oui !!!!
mais à vue d'œil il manque les grandes gueules (1965) et le vieux fusil (1975).
pourtant les grandes gueules c'est terrible (le film et la musique) et je n'arrive pas à la trouver.

alan smithee said...

oups, je me suis trompé d'endroit, le commentaire précédent est évidemment en rapport avec françois de roubaix

baws said...

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Anonymous said...

yé !
une tuerie ton blog !
peace !

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the saucer people said...

Sublime compilation, not a "duff" track to be found (as we say in England)...is there any chance of hearing "She Had A Taste For Music Voume 2"? ;)

achikochi said...

Any chance there is a valid link for the compilation still available?