03 March 2009

Do you know this song ?

Need your help : do you know anything about the groovy song featured in the above video ??

Can't get the info from the original blog..

After further investigation by a few others who are trying to figure it out too, we came to the conclusion that the guy in the video had pitched the song up to sound like a female ; when slowed down you can here that it's actually a bossa nova song with a Portuguese male singing.

=> You can hear a sample of what the clip sounds like when pitched down here:


=> It sounds like Caetano Veloso or Joao Gilberto even if that would be too obvious and someone would allready be able to recognize it

Any help much appreciated!



Brother John said...

Yo ! Go check Rhinestone Cowboy by Madvillain (http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/album/madvillain/madvillainy). song produced by the great Madlib. Same sample used by Damu.
I go further to find the sample source of this song...

Brother John said...

On some forums I can find "Jeansy" by Novi Singers. Never heard this one, son I can't check if it's the right sample...

Ray said...

Track is by Maria Bethania - "Mariana Mariana"

Paul Durango said...


Case closed ;-)