25 April 2009

aï forgotten movie : Chesty Anderson, USN (1976, directed by Ed Forsyth)

Now for a boobie movie.

Chesty Anderson (<> imdb page)

If you dig Russ Meyer's, you'll find it fresh for sure.

A Major Motion Picture since it's the only other movie in Shari SuperVixen Eubank filmography..

Mega-rare.. (decent) VHS rip.

yep : features Scatman Crothers, 4 years before The Shining..

=> 1h28/ 743 Mb / 640 x 496 / Dolby TrueHD surround 7.1 24-bit--96 kHz

No wait.
Forget about Dolby.

5 parts ~ 150 Mb each

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Then join with HJsplit.

Chesty Yours,



Drew said...

thanks man! love your blog, everything you post is great. you know that sites like megaupload let you upload files up to a gig so you don't have to split everything up. rapidshare's upload/download limits are a real pain, also.

still, thanks for the up, i love it!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered this blog now! Holy cow, thanks!!!

Paul Durango said...

Hi Drew, RS could indeed be a r.e.a.l pain in the ass if you're not premium.. (8euros/month).. Having lots of uploaded/downloaded files on it, I collect plenty of RS points and don't have to pay it..

And being premium allow me to have a crazy bandwith.. like downloading 6Gb in an hour or so.....

much better than torrents or newsgroups for me... So...


Vinyl Room said...


I am desperately looking for an instrumental library track entitled Hey Jude length approx 03:16

The track was arranged by Ron Simmonds. Unfortunately I don't know
which library disc this would be on and don't have any other info on it apart from that there is trumpet with accompaniment.

Is it possible that you could put the feelers out and see what our friends could come up with, or perhaps show me the way to go on this.

Finding this would be fantastic, it has to be the correct version though.

Many thanks and hope to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

part 2 is missing, re-up?

Anonymous said...

Anything with Scatman Is gonna be good!