29 January 2010

Jean Paul & Angélique - Jean Paul & Angélique (1975, Charter Line CTR 012)

Super rare french grooves ripped by Agent D.


Jean Paul & Angélique - A1 - Harmattan
Jean Paul & Angélique - A2 - Africa Sound
Jean Paul & Angélique - A3 - Latte Caldo
Jean Paul & Angélique - A4 - Pinco Pallino
Jean Paul & Angélique - A5 - Mooning

Jean Paul & Angélique - B1 - Saucy San
Jean Paul & Angélique - B2 - Padrino N°2
Jean Paul & Angélique - B3 - Computer Man
Jean Paul & Angélique - B4 - Viso Di Donna
Jean Paul & Angélique - B5 - Flute's Wind

groové ! SIDE A / SIDE B xxxxxxxx FLAC !


Crazy said...

ohoooo. also thx for rapidshare link. dope shit

Anonymous said...


Vinyl Room said...

Dear Paul,

Is it ok if I put a request here?

I am looking for the following library album which is on the Parry Music Ltd label, and it is PML39 FLUTE SALAD.

If found hopefully it can be at 320 or even flac, but beggars can't be choosers until we find it I suppose, lol.

All help much appreciated.


dom said...

Very nice flute grooves.

I like the mis spelling of the track "Moaning"! ( or "Moanin'" as it's properly titled ).

Anonymous said...


Le coffret Salut les copains vendu 85€(annoncé edition limitee?,collector?)debut decembre en pre commande sur Amazon.fr est actuellement en solde sur Amazon.fr a 72€.
Euh,Euh.....faut 'il s'etonner apres que le disque se vende mal en France.
DuCon qui l'a achete en pre commande.

Likedeeler said...

This looks interesting! Big props from Berlin

attax said...

Hello my friend,

I see you also get Spam invaded :)

Here something for you I was able to track down.
The first album I_Signori_della_Galassia-Qualcosa_si_crea_nulla_si_distrugge.rar


Paul Durango said...

TOP SHARE! thx ! really appreciated..

Green Kokichi said...

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Carlo said...

Grazie per questi RAR

Ti ringrazio di cuore. Se sei ancora online, contattami, arricchiamo l'archivio :)

Grazie grazie grz

kaney said...

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