16 January 2010

VA - The Thriller Memorandum

Now for some great grooves to get rid of the f* winter !

01 - Ken Woodman - Mexican Flyer
02 - John Schroeder - The Main Chance
03 - Des Champ - Yes And No
04 - Nicos Mamanqakis - The Party
05 - Brian Marshall Orchestra - Fly By Night
06 - Tony Hatch Orchestra - Ghost Squad
07 - Pattie Seymour - The Silencers
08 - John Shakespear Orchestra - Fade Out
09 - Jacques Denjean - Le Train Fou
10 - David Lloyd & His London Orchestra - Live And Let Die
11 - Sounds Orchestral - Kissy Suzuki
12 - Ken Woodmen & His Piccadilly Brass - Twelve By Two
13 - Brian Marshall Orchestra - A Night With Nuki
14 - Edwin Astley - The Saint
15 - Ingfried Hoffman - Sharp Sharks
16 - Mike Hurst Orchestra - Mission Impossible
17 - Mark Wirtz Orchestra - Adventure
18 - Mike Hurst Orchestra - Wednesday's Child
19 - Basil Kirchen - The Hustle
20 - Des Champ - Big 'M'
21 - David Whittaker Orchestra - Interception
22 - Johnny Hawksworth - Penthouse (Main Title)-Dace
23 - Edwin Astley - Danger Man
24 - Alexander Stone - Man In A Suitcase

great mixup of - your casual 70s grooves - (i.e. good) and superb gems.

Evrything @ 320 kbps.

PART 1 // PART 2


Anonymous said...

Thank you for another primo offering. This is such an awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

raremarc said...

awesome mixes Paul, have a nice year!

sweetbeats said...

Looking forward to this...gorgeous sleeve too,
cheers Jason

sweetbeats said...

Here's Mood Mosaic 8
Funky in a Minor Mode
01. Connell Dantzler- Bo Gha
02. Little Ed- Petite Soul
03. Kenneth Wells- Contagious
04. Tony Newman- Soul Thing
05. Elaine Delmar- Sneaking Up On You
06. Mohawks- Studio 69
07. Ian Langley- Chicano Chaser
08. Janko Nilovic- Chorus For Leslie
09. Shifters- Ghost, The
10. Dave Grusin- Gasoline Alley
11. Michel Legrand- Un Homme De Mort
12. Hbp Mix- Light My Fire
13. Roger Hamilton Spotts- Mind Blow
14. African Pop Session- Africa Voodoo
15. Attitudes- If We Want To
16. Touch- Pick And Stovel, The
17. People Choice- I Like To Do Ii
18. La Clave- Move Your Hand
19. Har- You Percussion Group- Feel Me Good
20. Invaders- It's Your Thing


sweetbeats said...

Lovin' this so much...had it looped on my itunes for at least 3 hrs.
Is it robots who spam these blogs or just complete pricks?

Paul Durango said...


That's a pb.. like 5 comments/day..

anyway, gald you enjoy the stuff.


sweetbeats said...

Yeah I thought so haha Bleep Bleep !
Downloaded a ton of your stuff Paul over the last 12 months and have about 800 of your tracks ripped so far on my mac...it's like a library juke box : )

The mediafire KPM,Chappell,Bruton rips you have done is amazing and I really appreciate the hard work.

Keep 'em coming Jason

Anonymous said...

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phantom of the radio said...

hello Paul! On Bazounga blog, Africadelics vol.1 and vol.2 are exactly the same ... can you help in anyway?

Electric Looser said...

Nice post.
Keep The good Music Alive

Bluecandy said...

Love this blog, thank you very much Paul!
I have a few requests, if you may be able to track these down that would be a wonderful x-mas surprise!
The soundtrack of Vampyros Lesbos and the original Addams Family soundtrack with the individual tracks for each family member.
Thanks again!

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Il Idioto said...

Thanks, Paul. I hope that you are well. I haven't heard from you in awhile. I tried to contact you awhile back to let you know that the Breaking Bad - Season 4 [Bootleg] is up.

laidbackinbethlehem said...

Fantastic. Thankyou for posting this gem. :-)