13 January 2009


That's right!
Take a look at http://36-15-moog.blogspot.com/
Lots of great - well - moog stuff around here !
Piero Umiliani, Gershon Kingsley, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Michel Magne and M.O.R.E. ...
A good spot for 70s music lovers!


Anonymous said...

Quel remarquable travail pour tes blogs!!
Peux - tu m'aider je recherche: Watch With Teacher (Library Music) sorti sous le label Winchester Hospital Radio.

VonCheech said...

just found this blog.
thanks to your moog point.
and thank you for all the shares here and there...

i am having a problem with the Raymond Scott links. any help ?

VonCheech said...

oh nevermind. they are working ok... ;)

Jonathan said...

Deux superbe blogs ... Je me régale !
Merci pour ces pépites !

sabale said...

very good this blog

Anonymous said...

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