03 January 2009

Yasuo Sugiyama - Il Etait Une Fois L'Homme (1978)

Ahhhh.. Let's start the year with a great one!

From the famous (?) french cartoon 'Il Etait Une Fois L'Homme'

My rip, top quality (from cd)

Yasuo Sugiyama - 01 - Toccata Et Fugue En Ré Mineur (D'après Bach)
Yasuo Sugiyama - 02 - A L'aube De L'humanité
Yasuo Sugiyama - 03 - L'ingénieux Maestro - Part II
Yasuo Sugiyama - 04 - La Famille Pierrot - Part II
Yasuo Sugiyama - 36 - Le Conflit
Yasuo Sugiyama - 37 - La Persévérance
Yasuo Sugiyama - 38 - L'ingénieux Maestro - Part II

31'53 / 320 kbps / 106 Mb (unpacked)

Have a great year !

(PS / I - of course - have Il Etait Une Fois La Vie (1986), same q.. if needed..)


Canine Sutto said...

Oh! Très fort!
Dans ma jeunesse, quand j'entendais Toccata et Fugue en Bm de Bach, ce ne pouvait être que le thème de «Il était une fois l'homme».

Canine Sutto said...


Gianni said...

thank you Paul,
never heard this one!
happy new year to everyone,
thanks again

deemo said...

Avec ce genre de poste c'est obligé que l'on passe une bonne année, Merci Paul.

Anonymous said...

trèèèès fort.
Merci amigo.

Geebon said...

encore une ptite requete un autre japonais nommé HATTORI Katsuhisa a aussi fait de superbe bandes originales si jamais vous/tu trouves/z ;)

Zohar said...

Hello Paul,
I'm from Israel and your post of 'Il Etait Une Fois L'Homme' made many people very happy!!
You said you have also "Il Etait Une Fois La Vie".
could you please share this soundtrack too?
Thanks again for the wonderful work you've done.


Suhov said...

iii! thanx! :))))

E. Martin said...

Oh man, a piece of my childhood recovered! Merci beaucop!

rafael mizrahi said...

cheers man. we love this show. and I couldn't find that soundtrack in the official website.
just changed my cellphone rings into those tunes :)

timdubois said...

merci, cela me rappelle ma jeunesse.....

timdubois said...

Merci pour cet album, celà me rappele mon enfance....

Daro K said...


I've been looking this OST for a long time... nowhere to buy or download!

from Argentina,

Chris Sobieniak said...

This is quite an interesting series indeed. I don't think thought it ever aired in the US though I wish it did. I remember seeing one of the later shows that Procidis made in the 90's called "Once Upon A Time... The Discoveries" on The History Channel.

Didn't surprise me the music in this first series was done by a Japanese composer over the later shows that were scored by Legrand. Many of these earlier shows were produced with Japanese studios that animated them for the French company. Tatsunoko (probably best known for Speed Racer to us) did this show, while Eiken worked on "Space" and "Life".

Paul Durango said...

I didn't know it wasn't aired in the US.. weird.

and indeed this score's interesting.. production is top notch. Solid stuff.

JAP ANIM + JAP STRK + FR MANAGEMENT in the 70s was a killer combo..

Legrand's stuff is good but not as great as this..

.. and then in the late 80s we (french) decided to do everything by ourselves.. and nothing good came from that decision........

Blonsted said...

Ca doit être le truc le plus potentiellement introuvable que j'aie jamais trouvé...De la bombe pour des petites mélodies de fond !
Merci plein !