19 January 2009

Yasushige Utsunomiya - Western Police (tv soundtrack, 1979)

This one is brilliant.

2 words :


Yasushige Utsunomiya - 01 - Main Theme - TV Size
Yasushige Utsunomiya - 02 - Main Theme I - Full Size
Yasushige Utsunomiya - 03 - Everybody Loves Somebody
Yasushige Utsunomiya - 04 - The Men - Love Theme
Yasushige Utsunomiya - 12 - Working Day Theme
Yasushige Utsunomiya - 13 - Brother and Sister
Yasushige Utsunomiya - 14 - Dynamic Situation

Do you care ?


Anonymous said...

well, i do, anyway. thanks! i am really loving this blog and your 36-15 moog one besides.

also just finished watching your posted copy of Hausu last night. wow. it starts slow, but... yeah. wow.

bobbyh said...

verrrrrrrrrrrrrry cool man! thank u :D

Mike said...

There's something different about this blog that sets it apart from the others. There is such a thing as being too awesome. You, sir, are just that.

Paul Durango said...

Mike, stop.

Stop or I'll cry..

That's it, i'm crying!


Anonymous said...