11 January 2009

Hausu soundtrack (1977, Japan) .. and Godiego links..

<> since its available on CD, released last year by people who cares, link has been removed.

Soundtrack of one of the most weird-exp cult japanese movie ever !

Plot ?
A teenage girl named Oshare (who is called "Gorgeous" in some English-subtitled versions of the film) invites six of her friends to stay at her aunt's strange house in the country. One by one, the girls are killed in bizarre, gruesome ways.

(from wikipedia)

According to this page, tracklisting is the following :

A1 ハウス-ハウスのテーマ/Main Theme
A2 バギー・ブギー/Buggy Boogie
A3 ハングリー・ハウス・ブルース/Hungry House Blues
A4 イート/Eat
A5 いつか見た夢-ハウスのテーマより/Sweet Dreams or Days Gone By
A6 昨日来た手紙-ハウスのテーマより/A Letter in the Past

B1 君は恋のチェリー/Cherries were made for eating
B2 イート イート/Eat Eat
B3 夜霧は銀の靴-ハウスのテーマより/In the Evening Mist
B4 西瓜売りのバナナ/Oriental Melon Man
B5 イート イート イート/Eat Eat Eat
B6 ハウスのふたり-ハウス愛のテーマ/Love Theme

The japanese band Godiego composed the Love Theme.

You can find some of their LPs on other music blogs :

Godiego - The Water Margin (1978)

Godiego - Magic Monkey (1978) and the 1st part of their Best-Of



MishMog said...

Really wish that I could help... Been asking around, but no positive feedback yet...:/
Sounds interesting though, hope you find it!
Gotta love that japanese surreal stuff^^,

Mike said...

Never heard of this film, but it looks interesting. I bet the music's interesting.

Your blog is a revelation. Some very good taste in music, if I do say so myself.

seandonson said...

Just watched Hausu tonight. Blew my fucking mind. Really hope someones got this soundtrack. The main theme is beautiful.

H2O said...

hey Paul.

come to my house!

House is waiting to eat you!!!

Paul Durango said...


T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U

we're only monday and you just made my week (month?) !


seandonson said...

Ditto! Thank you thank you!

H2O said...

you're so welcome.
glad you enjoyed it.
and thanks for keeping 48hrs share.

europrogman said...

Is it correct for this album to be credited to Godiego on RYM?


According to the back cover, Godiego are only responsible for the first track.

Incidentally, there's no RYM page for Micky Yoshino.

Paul Durango said...


Godiego is responsible for the 'Love Theme' "only"..

I can't find any of their stuff anyway and that's a plain shame since they might be great..


Mike said...

The track 'Eat' is simply wonderful. Glad you found this; thanks for yet another winner.

红色的小喇叭 said...

Hi, thank you so much for your reply on my blogbus! if you guys would like a listen to the original Godiego band (Yes I see Godiego only scored the first track),check out my post here:


low bitrate though still worth a listen.

红色的小喇叭 said...

BTW, if possible you can check "the Girl who cut time" by same director(One of his 'Onomichi Trilogy'):
"http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086456/", beautiful scenery, kinda nostalgia odor.


Paul Durango said...

Hi 红色的小喇叭 and you're very welcome! thx for the 1st part of their best-of on your blog!

And be aware you can catch the 'Water Margin' LP here :


Its good, great production - mainstream end of the 70s pop -

Regarding the movie you just mentionned 'Toki o kakeru shôjo' ; sounds good too ; the plot from imdb :

"A high school girl discover's that she suddenly has the ability to travel in time"

I'll try to grab this one but its sure kinda tough to find the REAL 70s or 80s japanese experimental movies.. maybe emule.. i don't know..

Anyway, enjoy all!

(ps/ As scheduled, RS link's not online anymore..)

红色的小喇叭 said...

I certainly have got it with the updated link.
surely I can upload (The Girl who cut time) for you with En subs, just wait maybe tomorrow.
yes I never see this Watermargin album, thanks for that!

Paul Durango said...

Would be definetely GREAT to watch The Girl Who Cut Time - sounds awesome -


Andrea C. said...

Hi Paul, congratulations for your blog, may you re-up HOUSE soundtrack for a while? I'm desperately looking for it... I can swap that with many Obayashi's movies... Anyway, if you're interested, please contact me via MSN (andrea_carpentieri@hotmail.com) or Skype (opossumita).

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

bye! ;)

Andrea C. said...

Thank you so much Paul! ^_*
Carry on with your amazing sharing work!


kewpiebb99 said...

Hi Paul...
would you mind re-up the HOUSE soundtrack, I've been dying to look for it ever since I saw the movie last year and couldn't find it. I love the music a lot, I have other Godiego songs but I really like the ones in this movie. I thought I got lucky when I found your blog today. I'm sorry I don't have anything to swap. You can contact me via my email: kewpiebb99@yahoo.com

I would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

红色的小喇叭 said...

Hi Paul,
Just uploaded "The Girl Who Cut Time" to Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W4BOGXD5

Modarec said...

Damn, been after this soundtrack for years, it adds so much to the insane brilliance of the film. Again a repost would be very much appreciated.
If anyone can help my e-mail is fulcrum4@gmail.com.

btw Paul I have a copy of the Aimed School by the same director if your interested. I get pretty bad upload speeds but i guess I could put it up.

That Girl said...

No chance of a re-upload? :(
I guess I found this too late...
if you have it and still want to share, send it my way at gizmogal89 at gmail, please :D

-a said...
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-a said...
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红色的小喇叭 said...

Hi, the Rapidshare link is still alive here:

let me know if any of you have problems accessing the file.