07 July 2010

pauldurango's JULY 2010 mixtape

01 - Space Art - Welcome To Love
02 - Pulp - This is Hardcore
03 - King Crimson - Starless
04 - Herbie Mann - Superman
05 - David Holmes - My Mate Paul
06 - Bang Bang Robot - La Guerre Des Etoiles Version Disco
07 - Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
08 - Planet Earth! - Telstar
09 - Vangelis - I Can't Take It Anymore
10 - Placebo - Evil Dildo

only 10 tracks but a duration of 1h12 .. looong tracks.
the good stuff.


part one / part two

and my recent album is available here

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the saucer people said...

I have wanted to hear Bang Bang Robot's "La Guerre Des Etoiles" for so so long (especially the 9 or 16 minute 12 Inch versions) and yet for the last 4-5 months whenever I see an uploading link I get this:

"Sorry, you have reached your daily download limit.
Please try again tomorrow or acquire a premium membership."

Don't have any hassle with any other file sites!

Would you consider swapping a rip of this for some other rare Star Wars material? I don't think I will ever get Uploading working so its the only way I can possibly think of to get to finally hear it!

Did you know there was another version of the 12 Inch released?
called Bang Bang Robot "La Guerre Des Etoiles 'Star Wars'"? on the same label released in the same year.

This has a sixteen minute version of the La Guerre Des Etoiles track and instead of having 'Star Robot System' which features on the 7 & 12 Inch mix there is a 15 minute track with the tantalising title 'Cosmic African Sky'.

Just found out that one of the guys behind this, Olivier Toussaint was also behind one of my favourite French seventies groups 'Anarchic System'. I knew him and he other guy involved with this, Paul Marie André de Senneville had written some tracks for Roland Romanelli's Mc Lane Explosion's 1977 'Space Music' album, actually they wrote the best tracks like Space Police, Fire Land and Black Deal.