23 July 2008


YOU ASKED for fresh french oddities, well, here you go.
Mostly Never Digitalized before french obscure pop from the 60s 70s and 80s.
Riped by meself over the past few weeks and for your ears only.
You (reaaaally ?) want to listen to stuff performed by
Bernadette, Marie-Paule et la Petite Bernadette
Jean-Pierre Mader
Ronnie Bird
Charles D. Lewis
Georges Lunghini
Jacqueline Jolivet
Jacqueline Taieb
Les Tueurs de la lune de miel
Salim Halali
The New Popet's
.. well.. if so.. click.. CLICK.. CLicK below
Each volume of those Franco Scopia comps are packed to make a little less than 100 Mb, encoded @ 256 kbps..............
Franco Scopia Vol. 1 - French Tracks Compiled by Paul Durango
24 tracks (from the 60s)
Franco Scopia Vol. 2 - French Tracks Compiled by Paul Durango
17 tracks (from mid 70s to mid 80s)
Franco Scopia Vol. 3 - French Tracks Compiled by Paul Durango
17 tracks (misc.. some may say it's a BARNUM.........)
That takes a while to put all those files together so any feedback from my beloved blogger friends will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!
I'm ready for your comments.
I'm readyyyyyyy.
Now !


Anonymous said...

well,erm,thank you very much monsieur durango,i love you.
aurelie is great!

Bigboobeddude said...

Mr Durango, thank you!
Till yet i only skipped through the tracks, but already it's like tuning in to radio station from not only another time...

Soulfinga said...

hey paul!

you and my sampler make the life worth living;-)

i don´t mind which stuff you post, it´s always brilliant,word!

and for your other blog (the library hunt), glad to see you share your magnificent library music library(haha)again ... booyakasha!

so far, thx a lot for all your shares ... my day is saved;-)

pace, Soulfinga

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul!

I love the Franco Scopies sleeves,
I love the title "Franco Scopie" and moreover, I love the tracks!
Good job and thank you so much for enlightening our day!

all thes best!


Paul Durango said...

Hi gang!

(you're 4.. you're a gang, right ?!)

Glad you like those comps ; i'll upload more eventually !

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

1)problème avec le telechargement de francoscopia 3...

2)auriez-vous Ratatouille, de Ruta Brantalou?

merci pour tout


Anonymous said...

YOUS-A- KREAZY MOEDAFAEKER, KOME HEAR TO PAPA END PAPA GEV YOUS A KIZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!THankz PAUL, You Made ME & my AKAI a Happy couple again!! thank you!!! dzmplz

L'homme qui a vu l'homme said...

Merci Paul,
Fascinante compilation que vous nous offrez... des offres musicales qui n'avaient pas ou peu traversé l'Atlantique pour se rendre au Québec... voilà la trame sonore de bien des soirées sur BBQ dans cette années du 400e anniversaire de ma ville de Québec ... je transmets le lien internet à toutes les personnes que je connais...

À bientôt !

Jean-François Trépanier

Anonymous said...

bravo belle selection

si un jour tu nous trouve dans ta selection Nanard et le PNB (produit national brut) ca serait génial


Anonymous said...

mr durango thank you for everything.could you help me with mr x track, tgv?where is it from? i tried searching but i came to no results.you run a wonderful blog.cheers from greece :)

Paul Durango said...

Hi there mr. greek anonymous,
I don't know much about this 'Alan Will' guy.. except he released what looks like a very very interesting LP :


unfortunately it looks also almost impossible to find........

Martooni said...

Thank you for taking the time to put these together.

Most appreciate.

Hrangue said...

Paul do you know anything about a Mr. "Jean Pierre Pouret"? I'm trying to track down... http://www.discogs.com/release/411369 ... to be more specific a track of his called "Introduction of Love."

Ring a bell?

wlafrance said...

Les Marylènes, great!

upkerry14 said...

Avec mon mauvais francais... merci! ( J'ai bois trop ce soir...) C'est super! merci!
Guillaume (san francisco)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much - Un grand merci

from Belgium with love

Paul Durango said...

Mais de rien Anonyme..

From Pantin with Clin D'Oeil.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is amazing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

you should be knighted for your work. Thank you very much.