11 July 2008

Bruce Baxter - Extraits de L'Opéra-Rock Tommy [Pickwick MPD 008] (197x)

My very first vinyl rip.
Just processed it yesterday..

A bunch of covers of The Who's Tommy by easy listening synth'd french fellows somewhere in France around 1972.. (no mention of the year so it's a wild guess.. between the 1969 original lp and the 1975 movie)

Here's the tracklisting :

A1 - It's A Boy
A2 - You Didn't Hear It
A3 - Amazing Journey
A4 - Christmas
A5 - The Acid Queen
B1 - Pinball Wizard
B2 - Smash The Mirror
B3 - I'm Free
B4 - We're Not Gonna Take It
B5 - See Me, Feel Me

Only infos available here regards performers (vocalists) : Tony Rivers, Mick Trounce, Martha Smith & John Perry and production : arrgts by Bruce Baxter and synths by Ken Freeman & Bruce Baxter.

Here it is at 320 kbps (of course!)
73 Mb

It's an old record, not in very good shape.
Not that dusty (i tried to clean it the best I could) but simply much used..
For your info, i used Izotope De-pop De-click De-noise software and found it very very effective (kinda pro compared to cheap stuff..)
Then, a bit of remastering with Waves C-1 comp, L-3 and a Q-10 eq

I made a 'Before&After processing Izotope and Waves plug-ins' package, giving you the opportunity to listen to 2 versions of track A2 before and after digital processing.. You could find it here (2 tracks @ 320 kbps / 12 Mb) :

> ADVICES and any technical tricks are more than welcome !

If I have some positive feedbacks about all that, I'll do more very soon ! (just got my hands on around 30 killer lps - mostly library - never digitalized....I'm SURE I'll do more but I can post stuff here or not....)



Anonymous said...

I always find these discusiions interesting since I'm looking for better solutions as to how to clean and preserve vinyl myself. What I do is first clean the vinyl under warm water (not hot, not lukewarm). Then I let the record dry. Normally I leave it at this (I like the sound of vinyl), but occasionally records remain unpleasantly noisy after this treatment of course. In those cases I apply Click Repair (found here: http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/), but only when this software doesn't compromise the shine of the music too much. This software works well for many audio files, but not all. Fairly clean tracks can become almost entirely clean - whereas tracks with lots of surface noise can be cleaner at least, though far from all (depends on how integrated the noise is in the music, plus type of instrumentation and vocal qualities...long story).

Bottom line is: I ran a test on your unprocessed track and found that Click Repair left more of the song's original sparkle in tact. Unless you've already washed the record thouroughly (some people are against this method, yet all records I've washed sound invariably better afterwards, or roughly the same, and never worse) I also believe you may salvage some of the record through this method.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Having said this, I must emphasise that I'm an amateur of course. I know little of this subject. On the other hand, I generally think many music shares on the web that have been run through noise reduction software prior to sharing, would have fared better without it.

Thanks for bringing up an interesting topic. Hope other people will share their thoughts and experience.


Paul Durango said...

Hi Lars and thx for your feedback ; will try ClickRepair when I could!
You're right about not hesitating to (carefully) 'physically' clean records ; i do not use chalky tap water myself considering the fact that limestone attacks the disk (i use alcohol instead) and put the dust away with a very soft and anti-static duster.. Following the grooves ; never from center to periphery..
I understood I compressed a bit too much it appears.. It comes from the 'remastering' process not from Izotope...

chris said...

Wow, thanks bro for this rip. And thanks for all the other postings, you have really got me back into classic ost collecting/sampling.
Good to get familiar with more then just ennio.

Great vinyl rip, sounds good to me. A few scratches and bumps, but all in all good stuff man.

I've tried ripping a few LPS to start a blog, (I swear I will, I gotta give back to the scene)
I was using COOL EDIT PRO, which is an out of date audio editing program but its simple.

I'm really looking forward to more posts from you :D

take it easy man


Evasuperstar said...

Thanks, you'll find some infos about the singer at his website :


So, it's a 100% British cover album :-)

Anonymous said...

this is an incredible album!

i think it might actually be better than the london symphony version...