24 July 2008

Some nu stuff to watch..

'WORKING EATS MY SOUL' starring Troy Von Balthazar.

A movie by Paul Durango.

Sweet music and experimental weird video included.


Paul Durango said...

Putain, j'adore! C'est quoi ?!

Paul Durango said...

C'est ton film, imbécile.

nicola said...

Hey there, Mr Durango. Just came across your blog ... frankly, it's simply awesome ... imho, 1 of the best of his category. Highly appreciate your effort! Cheers, micky

Paul Durango said...

Hi Micky and thx!

What to say ?!
I like this blog too.

Unfortunately i can't find anything i didn't hear before on it.


Wayne said...

Mr Durango, firstly, very nice blog, your library music ones too.

you wouldn't happen to know what Chloe Diesel song that is in the video clip would you? fine tune.


Paul Durango said...

Hi Wayne - thx for the words

Of course I know about it ; it was recorded in my living room.

It's called " 52's Theme "

I'll get the soundtrack and post it here

wayne said...

thx Paul, i'd really appreciate that, i'm diggin the vibe.

cheers, wayne

wayne said...

hey Paul, any joy with the '52 theme' soundtrack??