04 July 2008

Alberto Baldan Bembo - SOUNDTRACKS !

Io E Mara (1969, soundtrack, jazzy, loungy)

01 - Ore 18
02 - Ore 20
03 - Ore 22 (Ti Amo Da Morire)
04 - Ore 24 (Domenica)
05 - Ore 4
06 - Ore 6
07 - Ore 10
08 - Ore 16
09 - Ore 18

33 Mb / 26 minutes
Codice D'Amore Orientale (1974, soundtrack, indian grooves - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !)

01 - Kamasutra
02 - Mara Jats Love
03 - Sawadi
04 - Nude Love
05 - Haying and Yutia
06 - La Cortigiana
07 - Thai Pop
08 - Narai and Lakshm

36 Mb / 26 minutes
The Soul of 'Ali' Ben Djamballa (1974, not a soundtrack, classy lounge & grooves)

01 - Rhapsody In Blue
02 - Blue Jeans
03 - Bloodstone
04 - Kentoniana
05 - Black Coffee
06 - Kilimangiaro
07 - Cantata In Re
08 - Route To Brasilia
09 - Take Six
10 - White Cotton
11 - Niger
12 - Incorporated

43 Mb / 31 minutes


chris said...

hey too bad not too many people comment, Cause you are dropping some SERIOUS records!!

thanks man for all your hard work at ripping these classic.

Alberto keeps his OST real. love the electronic sound.

thanks again man,

you'll see more comments from me :D

lov clu

Reza said...

Its like the circle game ...

My old rip of Codice D'Amore Orientale re posted without the first track , God is Love
(a futile attempt of mine to stop people reposting my albums)

Paul Durango said...

The thing is I didn't know anything about original uploader..I just found it on slsk.
Files are renamed, retagged, new artwork added or artwork deleted..

If I knew it was yours and that you didn't want it posted, i wouldn't.

Send me the 1st track - it would prove me you're the original uploader - and i'll put it offline.

That's the best I can do.


Reza said...

I'm really not bothered that you've posted my rip, leave it posted, thats why i said its like the circle game, its just funny to see it again and again on blogs missing the first track .. a 9 minute intro to the album

Anonymous said...

Hey reza,I have complete rip with God Is Love and it`s not 9 minutes long,actually it`s 3:42.
Or go to http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/catalog/soundtrackdetail.php?movieid=36672
and see track listing and timing

Paul Durango said...

Anyone kind enough to upload the _="#! track ?!


Anonymous said...

Why post the album without one song?

Like they say - go and f... yourself,I have the whole album.

So stupid and selfish!

Here you go Paul,it was my pleasure to help!


Anonymous said...

Analogues exist?

Anonymous said...

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JBG said...

I had Codice D'Amore...but am really happy to add these other two to my collection. Thanks a lot!!!

Juan said...

super late to the party but just discovered Alberto Baldan Bembo this weekend and have been driving around with Lingua D'Argento blasting away, fabulous stuff, must buy a Maserati to make it more authentic though :P