10 July 2008

Fred Bongusto - MORE SOUNDTRACKS !

Fred Bongusto - Il Tigre (1967)
16 tracks / 66 Mb / jazz, bossa..
Fred Bongusto - Un Détective (aka Detective Belli aka Ring Of Death) (1969)
21 tracks / 90 Mb / lots of piano.. Nice Murder themes. Jazzy.
Fred Bongusto - Il Divorzio (1970)
17 tracks / 46 Mb / nice loounge. Jazzy as well.
Fred Bongusto - Gli Ordini Sono Ordini (aka Las Ordenes Son Ordenes) (1972)
23 tracks / 65 Mb / groovy jazz. Great bass player.
Fred Bongusto - Peccato Veniale (1973)
22 tracks / 45 Mb / a great one. nice production. piano - sax - bass.. women choruses..


Marcello! said...

Stumbled across your site the other day - geez, you are worse than a crack dealer! Rarely have I seen so much Piccioni, etc. in one place. That is some fine collection you have. Thank you thank you

Bigboobeddude said...

Muchas gracias Mr Durango!

It exists so much beautiful music, and you are keeping it alive.

dj caique said...

yeah great post....
i love horror scores!!!

thanks paul!

Yerblues said...

The main theme from Il Divorzio is one of the most joyful from the '70s. Really great share, Paul. A million thanks, mate.

luchito66 said...

From Argentina, thanks, Mr Durango!!!

sweetbeats said...

Looking forward to feasting my ears on these Mr Durango ! Cheers Jason

Franco Rossini said...

Can you repost "Peccato Veniale" OST, please?
mediafire link is off


kljmaq said...

Hello, could you repost Peccato veniale? Thank you!