25 June 2008

Alessandro Alessandroni - 1973 - Il Giustiziere Di Dio (score written by Piero Piccioni)

Alessandroni playing Piccioni...........
01 - Arizona Dreaming
02 - Canyon Blues
03 - West Cavalcade
04 - Arizona Dreaming
05 - West Cavalcade
It's only 13 Mb C'mon


Bram Janssen said...

Only 13MB but thanks anyway Paul :))

Nice Italian oldie

dj caique said...

the best blog!!!!
great posts

Paul Durango said...

Thank you both.. LOTS of great things to come..

Anonymous said...

thanks !
can you post the others piero piccioni's western soundtracks?

Anonymous said...

good start

E. SANCHES said...

Este blog é muito bom mas existem links que estão bloqueados como este de Alessandroni.