04 June 2008

VA - Cinema De Funk - Soundtrack Grooves (1968-1976)

Cinema De Funk - Vol. 1
01 - Mad Doctors - The Golden Prize
02 - The Horsemen - Theme From Outlaw Riders
03 - Nick Perito - Oh! Calcutta
04 - Stan Kent - Colored Spade
05 - Ralph Carmichael - Rumble
06 - Francis Lai - The Beastial Theme
07 - Charles Fox - Dartmouth! Dartmouth!
08 - John Blakeley - Soul Something
09 - Joe Gershenson - Pompeii
10 - Al De Lory - A Different Kind Of Rock
11 - Trade Martin - Heavy Rock At O.J.
12 - Billy Strange - Put A Little Lead In Your Zeppelin
13 - John Simon - Painting For Freakout
14 - Tony Ashton - Hanging
15 - Harrad Summer - Tonight We Swing
here : http://www.mediafire.com/?yjjbhjbkmjg
Cinema De Funk - Vol. 2
01 - Michel Le Grand - Maracaibo
02 - Quincy Jones - Dynamite
03 - Mike Theodorak - Cafe Rock
04 - Elmer Berns - The Mine
05 - Jeff Mike Orchestra - Kelly's Heroes
06 - Jerry Goldsmith - Border Crossing
07 - Peter Thomas - Angel Of Promise
08 - Stu Phillips - Rescue
09 - Francis Lai - Hayes Theme
10 - Al Kooper - Soul Hoedown
11 - Sonny - Motel 1
12 - Stanley Myers - Kate's Place
13 - Sonny - Motel 2
14 - John Barry - Highway 101
15 - Charles Bernstein - Flight In The Night
here : http://www.mediafire.com/?mgdmmkg0n4z
Cinema De Funk - Vol. 3
01 - Jean Pierre Bourtayre - Avant Soi
02 - Mike Theodorakis - The Jet Rock
03 - Pat Williams - Face Up The Music
04 - Arthur Moore - Morning Talk
05 - Bernard Ebbinghouse - The Morning After
06 - Simon Napier - Waltz For Caroline
07 - Stu Phillips - Comin Back
08 - Fred Carlin - The Weirdos
09 - Stanley Myers - Fuzz
10 - Elma Berns - Freedom School Parade
11 - Joe Scott - Mrs Robinson
12 - Michel Le Grand - Rockin Chair
13 - Doug Davies - Lola
14 - Al Hirt - Sentries Charge
15 - Barry Botkin - Transistor Q
here : http://www.mediafire.com/?4glemtm3mnw
C'est la joie !


Anonymous said...

Had Vol. 2..thanks for 1 and 3...much apprecion

Anonymous said...

damned!!! le cinema de funk 1 ne marche plus !!!
faites qulque chose s.v.p
merci d'avance

Paul Durango said...

Chez moi ça marche.
Sinon on essaie :


Damien said...

Merci une fois, merci cent fois, mille fois.

CycyLolo said...

Great choice !

coost in berlin said...

wow! a super great blog! ive been inspired to set up my own ..now i just have to put some content in it :-)

for some reason i cant open the zip files for these soundtrack grooves (other files from your blog work fine) ...can u help? x

on a theme of French music ..we organised a show here in Berlin with Fantazio..incredible band! maybe u know it?

cheers and keep up the graet work...

coost in berlin said...

duuh please kindly my zip file ignore question ...

the moog archive is incredible!

Fiona said...

Trop génial tout cela. Enfin quelque chose qui rassemble les tracks. Crepe.

dom said...

On the 3rd volume, the track "Morning Talk" by "Arthur Moore" is in fact by Dudley Moore & this track is known as "Hello Sailor" on one of Moore's albums.

Anonymous said...

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