17 June 2008

Dexter Wansel - Life on Mars (1976)

01 - A Profhet Named K.G.
02 - Life On Mars
03 - Together Once Again
04 - Stargazer
05 - One Million Miles From Ground
06 - You Can Be What You Wanna Be
07 - Theme From The Planets
08 - Rings Of Saturn
Life On Mars is included.
Listen to it and let me know where's your groovemeter is at.
83 Mb / 320 kbps


Darryl said...

Man, this brings back memories. I was a freshman at Alcorn State University when a guy from Cleveland, OH turned me on to Dexter Wansel. Sounds as fresh today as it did then.

Anonymous said...

messed around with the artwork: looks pretty good imo


Anonymous said...

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Josue said...

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Ron said...

thank you for what you do. i appreciate this upload. he was sampled by the JUSTICE League for the song MAYBACH MUSIC II on Rick Ross' Deeper than Rap album.

Not on this album in particular, but wikipedia notes that this was his hottest release and that he "created" the new-soul/funk/jazz movement.

which I totally believe because his song "Time is the answer" is incredibly moving and filled with emotion. The speakers bleed with love when his music plays.

I can only imagine how great this album will be.

Once again, Thank you. I thank you for all the leechers and appreciaters of your blog!