24 June 2008

Franco Micalizzi - Karate Amazones (1976)

Now for some very rare stuff.
01. Feronia (titles)
02. Amazoni in agguato
03. Una lunga agonia
04. A cavallo nella jungla
05. Sirtaki di artemio
06. Corpo a corpo
07. Attacco al villaggio
08. Il tempio dell' amore
09. Rito crudele
10. Una banda di straccioni
11. Notte di furore
12. Il cerchio si stringe
13.L'ultimo assalto
14. Feronia (theme)
REQUEST : Franco Micalizzi - Roma A Mano Armata


Tadjio said...


1.Feronia (titles)
2.Amazoni in agguato
3.Una lunga agonia
4.A cavallo nella jungla
5.Sirtaki di artemio
6.Corpo a corpo
7.Attacco al villaggio
8.Il tempio dell' amore
9.Rito crudele

10.Una banda di straccioni
11.Notte di furore
12.Il cerchio si stringe
13.L'ultimo assalto
14.Feronia (theme)

Soulfinga said...

what a great album!

of course, never heard of that before, but i´m listening right now, at the moment, to this and must say, i love it!

thx paul!

spaghetti for everyone,haha

Bram Janssen said...

*looks at the tracklist* Does that tracklist mean this is an incomplete share?

Paul Durango said...

I don't know if it's incomplete.. Let's deal with what we have for now... Like I said, it's pretty rare.

Anonymous said...

Karate Amazones (11Tracks)
1976 Lp
by Franco Micalizzi


Anonymous said...


Ben Marriage said...

All i want to say is thank you for everything you share on this blog and your other moog blog. Discovery and inspiration.... THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, seems gone.
Any chance for a repost? I'd be very thankful :-)

Bram Janssen said...

Luckily for me, I got this before it was removed from rabidshare. And I love it! So thanks Paul and mr(s) anonymous uploader :)

Anonymous said...

any chance of repost

Anonymous said...

thx VERY much for fulfilling my request!

Miguel Ángel said...

really a nice blog with weird and lovable music. Thanks for sharing these soundtracks

REEF said...
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