24 June 2008

A NEW BLOG : Meet Soulfinga's crate!

Ladies and gents, a top blog for all jazzy - loungy - blaxploitationesque things !


top shares right now ! Exclusive rips and all !

Gordon Staples & The String Thing - Mean Johnny Barrows OST (1976)

The Friends Of Distinction - Grazin' (1969)

Harry Betts - The Fantastic Plastic Machine (1969)

The Silhouettes - Conversations With The Silhouettes (1969)

Serious material.


Canine Sutto said...

Encore touché! Je dois dire que tes deux blogs sont durs à battre par contre. Des posts de grande qualité avec beaucoup de goût. Soulfinga's promet quand même de bien belles choses...
Canine Sutto

Soulfinga said...

hey paul!

thx for ya support man ... be sure it´s highly appreciated!

by the way,what´s up with your library shares ... anything new in stock?!? can´t wait for further nuggets ... i don´t know if i already told you, but you paved me the way to all the dewolfe and other library lp´s! just to let you know ...

so long paul, cheerz from germany

PS: new posts on the way


Paul Durango said...

Library new rips and uploads are getting slow nowadays.. Anyway you can find my complete collection - updated - on slsk.. nickname : Paul_Durango

Anonymous said...

Great now that we can buy online.