02 June 2008

Gino Marinuzzi Jr. - Planet Of The Vampires (1965)

Now for a soundtrack.
01 - Main Titles
02 - Ship Landed On Planet AuraCrazy Crew
03 - Astronaut Lands On The Surface
04 - A Very Strange Planet
05 - Exploring AuraDead Crewman Found
06 - Another Macabre DiscoveryShip's Abandoned Bridge
07 - The Living Dead
08 - Inside The Starship
09 - Evil Spirits
10 - A New VictimTiona Attacked By The Living Dead
11 - The Relic ShipAboard The Relic Ship
12 - Where Are TheyTiona's Nightmare
13 - I Know They're DeadEmpty Grave
14 - Time Bombs
15 - The Living Dead Appears
16 - Battle On Planet Aura
17 - You Are Both Of Them!
18 - A Young Primitive World...
19 - End Titles
20 - Dead Crewman Found - Unused Alternate Take
21 - The 1965 Recording Session
45 Mb @ 192 kbps


mcr said...

Thanks...I really like this one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the PotV score. Had a difficult time finding it so was very glad to come acress this!

Anonymous said...

A most unusual score. Thanks so so much for posting :D

Josh said...

A great upload! Thanks for sharing it with us! :-)

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