18 June 2008

Piero Piccioni - Appassionata (1974)

16 tracks.
66 Mb @ 192 kbps


george hilton said...


Ben Marriage said...

I do concur. Those last posts are exactly what the doctor ordered. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Ben

Michael B said...

What a gorgeous soundtrack...! I've been looking for this one for some time.
Thank you so much!

Your site is fantastic,

Paul Durango said...

Thanks Michael / you're welcome

Michael B said...

Hi Paul,

I'm kind of new to this, as I've usually bought a lot of the soundtracks I look for on cd.
However many are OOP,unavailable, or too expensive(the Appassionata cd is currently on Ebay for 75£).
I'd like to dl more from your site, but would feel, um, guilty about taking more for nothing....!
I notice there's a 'donate' button down at the bottom on your page, as well as a link to subscribing to Rapidshare up at the top.

What do you usually expect (or appreciate) from the users who access your site?

Michael B

Paul Durango said...

eheh I don't expect much from my fellow music blogs readers/downloaders.. 99,5% don't do anything.

Some of 'em (like 15/month) buy RS account (or extend their current account) using my referer link :


I guess it's the best solution here : 'cause as an user you'll get something and as a RS referer i'll get something as well : if one buy a '1 month account' (7 euros) using my link, i'll get something like 2 euros..

and well.. RS is imo one of the best file hosting system on the market right now.. one of the most used and fast.. in a month you'll eventually be able to download like 100Gb of movies, tv series, music, games, softwares or whatever..

Or there's still the 'PayPal donation' thingy .. but that's 'pure' donation.. you won't get anything in return........... except my kind regards of course!

Anyway, feel free to grab anything you want!


Michael B said...

Thanks Paul, that's much appreciated.
I beg to differ though, either way I do get something in return - good music!

Michael B