17 June 2008

Dave Pike Set - Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise (1969)

01 - I'm On My Way
02 - Regards From Freddie Horowitz
03 - Somewhat, Somewhere, Somehow
04 - Noisy Silence, Gentle Noise
05 - Mother People
06 - Mathar
07 - Vian-De
08 - Teaming Up
09 - Walkin' Down The Highway In A Red Raw Egg
Mathar is included.
Listen to it and let me know where's your groovemeter is at.
43 Mb / 160 kbps


chris said...

thanks alot for this rip man,

mathar is soo funky. perfect!!

amazing man thanks a billionx432



GregP said...

A really terrific little album. Not the greatest art in the world (but then what is?) I had never heard of this a while back, but since finding it here I've played it almost every day. Sometimes two or three times in succession. It's a genuinely charming groover.

Thanks very much!