27 November 2008

Alessandro Alessandroni - Prisma Sonoro (1974)

Now for the album of the week.
01 - Galleria Di Immagini
02 - Personale
03 - Congetture Melodiche
04 - Aspetti Musicali
05 - Breve Dialettica
06 - Punti Di Vista
07 - Vocali Sul Pentagramma
08 - Evocazioni D'Amore
09 - Dialoghi D'Amore
Attention, attention.. That's Alessandro Alessandroni, that's 1974, that's pretty rare and quite a.w.e.s.o.m.e
In this interview, when asked 'which was the most successful record or production, apart from the work with Morricone?'
Mr. Alessandroni (basically Morricone supa sidekick for those who wouldn't know..) stated : 'As far as success, none in particular, but as for personal satisfaction surely "Prisma Sonoro" on Sermi. The editor gave me total freedom, so I composed for a great orchestra with 16 violins, 4 violas, 4 cellos, it was truly fun. It isn't often that a producer leaves you free to compose whatever you want.'
Well.. What can I say ?
And many thx for House303 for uploading this !! (on my library blog..)


litlgrey said...

Does anyone have the Sermi catalogue number? Probably SR 1##? Thanks!

Soulfinga said...

hey p diddy:-)

this album is f****ng awesome, from beginning to the end ... the maestro strikes again

muchos gracias


clu said...

Yes more Alessandro for my collection, I have fallen in love with not only this artist but this blog aswell. Many Many thanks for all your hard work.

That is Edda Dell'Orso on vocals?
I'm in love with her lol

dekoplus said...

Vraiment terrible ce disque !!!

Merci bcp !!

Gianni said...

thank you for this rare release.
thanks again

John Bishop said...

Thank you very much.

dom said...

excellent record, though it could so easily be morricone or nicolai, it has a somewhat anonymous quality that makes the tracks rather forgettable.

Apani said...

Thank you!