21 November 2008

Libra - Schock (italian horror strk, 1977)


Mario Bava behind the cameras, Libra right in the middle of the italian prog rock superbness era!

2 parts for this one.

That's part 1 and part 2.


tripmaster said...

while we're on the topic of italian prog soundtracks from the 70's, here's alittle treat i shared recently over at franklynot. it's vinyl rip from my own personal collection...feel free to share it or do what you like. as nate dogg once so eloquently put it, "it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none..."


tripmaster said...

oh yea forgot to mention, the link is the instrumental soundtrack to Garofano Rosso (1976) , by Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (minus the lead singer). enjoy!!

Paul Durango said...

woosh! sounds great ; just dl it.. i guess i'll repost it with proper tags as found here :


Super share! ta


tripmaster said...

awesome! i could've sworn i tagged the files...at least in itunes i did, i may not have renamed the actual filename though come to think of it...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely superb... thanks!!

the saucer people said...

Thanks so much for the rip of Schock...I have no idea why I look elsewhere for albums like this, I should have known there would be a Durango post of it!

I know its a couple of years ago but did you ever post the link to the 1976 soundtrack of 'Garofano Rosso' by Banco del Mutuo? The link, the original poster Tripmaster gave for the album is dead....I did a search of it on your blog but nothing came up and have tried to find it elsewhere with no success....you did mention in the comments you would repost it with the correct Discogs info etc so wondering if you ever got around to it.

On a separate note, I have been trying to track down "The Legend Of Hell House" soundtrack by Delia Derbyshire from 1974....there were a couple of posts of the complete score on other blogs but they are dead and this is as probably a good place to ask as any!

the saucer people said...

I spoke to soon, the RS links to Libra's 'Shock' are dead! I will try and locate it elsewhere and post the links if I find a decent rip and if not, I will be back pleading for a repost!
To be honest, I am astonished no-one else has asked for a repost but I guess everyone was quick off the mark in the last two years and its just me being a johnny-come-lately!