19 November 2008

Chumei Watanabe -- the japanese tv series strk GURU !

I don't know if you're ready for that but here they are anyway!
NOW for some great tokusatsu superhero TV series (produced by Toei.. the REAL ones..) soundtracks !
Uchuu Keiji Gavan (1982) => 2 editions-pack here
Uchuu Keiji Sharivan (1983) & Uchuu Keiji Shaider (1984) => C'est où ?!
=> You surely heard about those under the title 'Space Sheriff Gavan', 'Space Sheriff Sharivan' & 'Space Sheriff Shaider', don't panic ! Everything's under control !
As a supa-dupa bonus (<> and if you're not into 80s much, listen to this one anyway..), here's the Android Kikaider sountrack.
That's 1972, that's groovy and super greatly produced! MUST HAVE ! => Yes, I do
All tracks are top of the top encoded, artwork's included and tracks are re-taged by meself!
En joie!


Goldy said...

Since your on Japanese Soundtracks i thought Id put in a request...Nausicaa : the Valley of Wind Soundtrack...if you have that Ill be at a loss of words. Want this so so bad.

Anonymous said...

Bit o' the obscure! Nice :)

joshk56 said...

Oh my goodness... this is pure future-funk awesomeness. Who knew!? Encore!

Goldy said...

yeh loving the Chumei Watanabe...album is dope

deemo said...

Votre blog est une mine d'or, merci beaucoup.

tripmaster said...

yea paul i don't think they're ready for chumei...i don't think they're ready for this one either...

Chumei Watanabe BGM Collection can be found over here.

btw Paul, would you care to share that one japanese library record that's in your library list collection? very curious to hear, thanks!!

tripmaster said...

whoops! looks like my link didn't work...

lemme try that again...

Chumei Watanabe BGM Collection can be found over here

Paul Durango said...

"The Valley of Wind strk"... whoosh... a tough one...

@ tripmaster : Indeed! those spanish are crazy as i like crazy ;-)

tripmaster said...

@ Goldy:

take your pick...

Nausica of the Valley of Wind / Wind Fairy [Single]

Nausica Of The Valley Of The Winds [Hi-Tech Series]


Nausica Of The Valley Of The Winds [Best Collection]

Nausica Of The Valley Of The Winds [Symphony Version]



Nausica Of The Valley Of The Winds [Original Soundtrack]




Nausica Of The Valley Of The Winds [Image Album]




not my rips, all credit to original uploader.