17 November 2008

SPACE DISCO delivery -- Francis Rimbert & Bionic Boogie

.. hell, yeah !
Bionic Boogie - Bionic Boogie (1978)
A1 - Dance Little Dreamer
A2 - Risky Changes
A3 - Don't Lose That Number (Mumbo Jumbo)
A4 - Boogie Boo
B1 - We Must Believe In Magic
B2 - Stop The Music
B3 - Feel Like Dancing
B4 - Big West
Francis Rimbert - Bionic Orchestra (1979)
01 La Comète
02 Voices Of Paradise
03 The Last Day
04 Eire
05 Games
06 Bionic
07 Flying Away
Booyaaaghh gahh !


Vinyl Room said...

I absolutely adore the album by Francis Rimbert and the Bionic Orchestra (1979) this one is a must!

Many thanks for this share.


tim/ mosquito said...

mr. durango you are simply a golden god. thank you so much for your work now and in the past!

peter.jacques.band said...

thanks a lot.

Laurent said...

alors ça par contre je trouve ça d'un ringard!!!!
je découvre ton blog y a de la pépite en pagaille.
Merci mille fois!



Italianbeat said...

One of the best Disco LP ever made! Thanks!!!!