07 November 2008

VA - Italia A Mano Armata

One of the best Poliziotteschi strks compilation EVER.
01 - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Violent Rome (1st Version)
02 - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Violent Rome (2nd Version)
03 - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - The Other Face
04 - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Violent Rome (3rd Version)
05 - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - New Special Squad
06 - Franco Micalizzi - Folk And Violence
07 - Franco Micalizzi - Special Agents
08 - Franco Micalizzi - During The Story
09 - Franco Micalizzi - Folk Tarantella
10 - Franco Micalizzi - After A Robbery
11 - Franco Micalizzi - Tira A Rezza Oj Piscatore!
12 - Franco Micalizzi - Kidnapping
13 - Francesco De Masi - Organised Crime
14 - Francesco De Masi - Violent Life
15 - Francesco De Masi - Criminality Works
16 - Francesco De Masi - Gennarino
17 - Francesco De Masi - Innocent
18 - Francesco De Masi - Naples Folk I
19 - Francesco De Masi - Naples Folk II
20 - Francesco De Masi - Weapons Of Death
21 - Franco Micalizzi - Special Cop
22 - Franco Micalizzi - Children Hostages
23 - Franco Micalizzi - Drug Addict
24 - Franco Micalizzi - New Investigation
25 - Franco Micalizzi - Bank Robbery
Ici ou .
Partout, quoi.


Anonymous said...

Un grand merci pour ces superbes albums et les liens rapidshare, chapeau bas.

Anonymous said...

big thanks great collection good stuff paul

Anonymous said...

bravo! many thanks! you the man :)



Paul Durango said...

You can.

A 320 kbps rip of it would be great ya know..........

collector said...

yeah i´ll soon send you a link for a 320 kbs ripp! good taste man! the stuff you post here...thats my style...please more horror sex crime soundtracks and library stuff! french italian style rules!

attax said...

Here are three albums for you italian crime music lovers, lots of Whacka Whacka guitars and funky themes.

All three are absolutly great:

Il Cittadino - Guido & Maurizio de Angelis

Roma Violenta (Cinevox Compilation)

Beretta 70 (Compilation)

Peter said...

Thanks! Great blog. :)

Anonymous said...

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fraropa said...

Hey Derango,
this one should be in your MANO,