21 November 2008

Eat It Raw - Obscure Japanese Library compilation..

As requested, here's the 'Eat It Raw' compilation.

It features top notch 1968-1973 funk and grooves from some unknown asian friends.
That's REALLY good so I'd recommended it to anyone interested in that sort of thing...

But I REALLY don't know more... found nothing on the web as well....

My private great little blue bird brought me this one a few months ago and then all the track titles and id3v2 tags were completely messed up (<> as you know and most of the time, japanese characters don't appear greatly in our europeean computers..) so i renamed the tracks into 'Track X' patterns..

The whole thing (36 tracks/100Mb) packs 6 tracks from 6 different sources (both 'official' LPs and bootlegs I presume) :

Sukeban Guerrilla
The Spiders Movie Tracks
VA - Gangland War - The World of Akira Kobayashi
VA - Nikkatsu New Action - 1968 to 1971
VA - Nikkatsu New Action - Stray Cat Rock
VA - Teppoudama No Bigaku - The World Of Sadao Nakajima

'Stray Cat Rock' rings a bell ... I'll have to research more...

Anyway, over here for some deep asian grooves!

Feel free to pass the knowledge along in the comments if you can!



Anonymous said...

It's not so obscure. Actually it's a sampler of the 6 first releases from japanese label Hotwax. These releases are soundtracks from 'youth movies' produced by Nikkatsu Studio. This label also released some non-soundtrack albums from 70s pop female singer. The soundtrack releases from Toei studio also worth cheking out!


tripmaster said...

damn!! that was with the quickness too!! thanks paul!!! i didn't know it this was actually an ultra-vybe sampler, what a surprise this is...i was hoping it was going to be actual instrumental cues intended for old tv/film from japan, but this is equally just as satisfying, thank you!

IR e L a IXI said...

thanks paul! was up trip! thanks for those compilation way back. the one i was looking for is the

World of Nikkatsu Roman Porno

its out of print i believe

Anonymous said...

I never came across japanese library LP, i guess its related to the specific movie production system where music composer were part of the whole movie crew.

Lots of asian.japanese goodies here (tripmaster would probably know this one! :) )


W Paul Durango said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent grooves, thanks Paul

Kris said...

I'm the one who compiled it a couple of years ago for my old blog scorebabyannex -- and it's still alive! Fantastic. I'm glad that people are still enjoying it.

Paul Durango said...

.. well.. THANK YOU Kris!

Anonymous said...

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L-Garou said...

Link is dead. Reupload, please. Thank you for yor exellent blog!