28 November 2008

VISIT isbumsplace.blogspot.com !!

More like a forum than a proper music blog, take a look at http://isbumsplace.blogspot.com/ !!

Been a while since I didn't get there and it's - well - frankly amazing !

Different sections for specific music types and genres.. I'd recommended the following :

Original Incredible Filmscorium

The Science Fiction Planetarium

and of course

European Cine-Scores

Been there 5 minutes and found this :

Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Afyon Oppio (1972)
(@ 192 kbps / re-uppd by filmpac / riped by the great unknown)


Thx to tripmastermonk for talking about this very blog I almost forgotten.......


attax said...

Hey, never mentioned this blog because I thought you knew it already :)

Paul Durango said...

ah ah
well i knew it.. then quite forgot about it..
lame i know..

How could i ?

alpha-60 said...

You are awesome!

Thank You!

Uri & Tbone