25 June 2008

Alessandro Alessandroni - 1971 - La Terrificante Notte Del Demonio (La Plus Longue Nuit du Diable)

If you're into italian horror music, with organ on top, this one's for ya.
01 - Devil's Nightmare
02 - The Dark Castle
03 - Dark Dreamer
04 - Demon Arise
05 - Demon Night
06 - Demon Night II
07 - Deadly Beauty
08 - Demon Night III
09 - Hell Nightmare
10 - Demon Night IV
11 - Caressing
12 - Demon Night V
13 - Erotic Demon
14 - End Titles
320 kbps / 100 Mb / 2 parts


kev from norway said...

hello, just dropping a comment here since no one else have done it yet. I've been looking for this soundtrack ever since I saw the film, great mysterious music.

I've gone wild on your blogs today
and downloaded enough to keep me going for ages and I must say
that I am very impressed by the stuff you have on your blogs.

thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey man...
Comment tu ouvres un fichier R...?
Toi ?
Il est codé R et pas RAR...
J'y pige keu dalle...
Mon mail au cas ou t'aurais la solution...

Thx et 100000000 merci pour la très grande qualité de ton blog.

Anonymous said...

this one wont work, only get track 3 to 7. Extension error.

Thanks anyway, a loadfull of great stuff.

best gh

the saucer people said...

Must be some screw up with the file extensions so I just added ".rar" to the end of both of the files then reduced the length of the title as I got one of those annoying "exceeds 260 characters" but once I had done this they opened fine and I am sat here listening to it with an open mouth, this is absolutely spell-binding in its beauty...those organ sounds!the woman's voice!the song titles! This is the best find for months!

Thanks again Paul, if you had got wiped out in the recent round of blogcide I do not know how I would have managed!

Josh said...

I've been searching high and low for this recording! Thank you so much for sharing this great music!

Josh said...

Could you post The Night Evelyn Came Out of The Grave?